August 17, 2017

Partner With Us

It is a well-accepted fact and common knowledge that no team is complete without a captain. Conversely, no captain can redeem himself without a team. Thus, these two components of any team setting is also very relevant when it comes to setting up any business venture to not just go the extra mile, but also to help it hit the ground running.

At Bizideas4all we are always actively seeking partners on both sides of the table. So whether you are a service provider that has the know how and resources that any entrepreneur would look for to have a smooth start or a financier who has a penchant for the startup ecosystem, we would be more than glad to meet you and discuss with you possible ways of a mutual and symbiotic business relationship.

We are confident that this relationship will be a win-win-win association for all the three parties involved viz. you, the service provider/financier, the entrepreneur seeking what you have to offer and last but not the least us at Bizideas4all who will be the catalysts in the process.

Rest assured that since all our agreements are bespoke, you will have a say in how you want the relationship to go ahead. We would also suggest that the terms and conditions that you have in place be preferably not set in stone. This will help start ups to be more comfortable when they have come away from the meeting without being underwhelmed.

For the financiers, we know that there may not be much scope for going bespoke. However, we suggest that you have some sort of a mechanism that will put the newbie entrepreneur feel more at ease. This will help their cause as well as ours and we can have a fruitful relationship well into the long distant future.