August 6, 2017

Industries Serviced

At Bizideas4all it is our constant aim to keep abreast of the needs and to try and fulfil them so that we can touch more lives and in the process grow to newer heights not just quantitatively (profits) but also qualitatively (seeking newer enterprises).

With the advent of new initiatives by governments and the influx of newer ideas combined with the availability of resources, it has become easier to reach out and avail of the resources. However, there are still caveats in the form of where to look, whom to approach, how to go about the process etc.

Bizideas4all will strive to be the connector between the authorities and our subscribers. Enlisted below are some of the industries that we presently support. In the long run however, we aim to touch upon more industries and hence more of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.


If you are a land owner and would like to develop your piece of land, bizideas4all can step in to connect you to either the institutions that will lend money to you or if you prefer another alternative, to get into a joint venture with a builder/developer.

However, the decision to go ahead or to refuse participation rests with the developers and it is final and binding on all parties.



This set of industries is what is called as the sunrise industry of the times we live in. In this case, if you are a person who has the technical wherewithals and are looking for finance or government grants etc, bizideas4all can be instrumental in your joint venture and will facilitate the marriage  till your venture takes off.



Okay. You have written your dream novel or your project report or non fiction. You have provided the reader the best of the edge of the seat story and you have been appreciated to no end by your peers. However, that circle of readers is limited and you have this urge to reach out to the wider world.

On the other hand, you have heard of the pitfalls of the traditional publishing industry and would experiment with vanity or self publishing. But again, do not which is which and how to go about the whole process. Bizideas4all can step in and act as your agent and set you up with the publishers so that your project can get off the launch-pad.


This is high octane and a super competitive industry. Not only is it super competitive inside, but also heart wrenching and soul crushing at the onset itself. Bizideas4all can identify people and companies or institutions, who maybe looking at new talents to promote and safely guide you on your journey at least to the very gates of tinsel-town.




At bizideas4all, we have collaborated with hoteliers and chain of restaurants that have a franchise model. Additionally, if you have a place that may have fallen off the pedestal for any reason but may still have the potential and you don’t know where to go and get it off the ground again, we will help you get to the right chain so that you can identify the kind of partnership that sits well not just with the profitability factor but also your inner values.



You are a housewife with a bunch of talents. Your peers and contemporaries swoon at your recipes or teaching skills or anything that can be translated into some money to substantiate the income for the family. However, not all home makers have the resources or the right people who can guide them on that path to self realization. Bizideas4all endeavours to be that starting point who will put you in contact with the right institution who will nurture you and hone your skills.



Bizideas4all aims to get into this sphere with an eye out for these strata of the society with whatever kind of help that it can reach out to. A collaboration with Prerna Foundation, which is a registered NGO would help us in that direction.