Women Empowerment in Business

It has been over a century since the first woman stepped out of the house in the quest of self-fulfilment. Over the years, not only has the general outlook on the issue changed but also, in fact, many have even recognized the contribution of the fairer sex in the economic domain, which was a male dominated aspect of the industrial age and some years after that.

However, over the years there has been a quantum shift in the mind-set of the women themselves. They have changed their focus from being happy with being a homemaker, tending to the household chores and later children to jumping on the bandwagon of employment and very recently progressing to being a self-employed entrepreneur and gradually even being at the helm of mega corporations, employing tens of hundreds of men.
In the context of all of the above, there still looms large a question that seems to occupy the minds of multitudes of people from all walks of life. Right from the common person walking the streets of the cities around the world to corporate bigwigs and governments that support the movement (and some governments hell bent on quashing the well-entrenched phenomenon) the women’s rights associations to many of the entrepreneurs themselves.

Some of the salient features that envisage or characterize the enterprise headed by women are:

1) Women have the knack and sometimes the guile to enforce certain standards within the company
2) Men who work under a female boss have been seen to work better; than when they are working under a male boss.
3) Employees have a better record of being present at work for more number of days per capita per annum than under a male boss.
4) Although there is a misconception that female bosses tend to be overbearing and sometimes being control freaks, they also command a better rate of productivity than their male counterparts do.
5) Female bosses have a better approachability factor when it comes to solving problems of the employees. This is because of the innate qualities that are bestowed on a woman by nature.
In spite of the above factors that have scored heavily in the favour of women being better at the game of leading teams to achieve success, some factors contribute to the second side of the coin.
1) There have been cases where they have targeted female juniors who seem to be slow in learning, showing lower levels of patience.
2) It has been seen that women bosses tend to shoot from the hip when it comes to giving feedback to subordinates. This can be a big demotivating factor for the employee, which could later result in lower productivity of the whole team over a period in the future.
3) Especially when it comes to other women subordinates, the woman boss has a tendency to look down upon the female subordinate even if she herself has climbed through the ranks.
4) Although this may not be the rule, there are instances which have shown women to be control freaks as much in their personal lives as they are in the office. This could be also because she may be in a higher position than her husband or any man in the house.

In light of all the above points, both for and against the women who have risen to the top, there is one thing that has yet to be witnessed at least in the corporate world. There is not a single company in the world where a female CEO has taken a decision that has put her company in troubled waters. Thus, it can be safe to comment that an empowered woman could make for a leader capable enough to lead her organization to higher peaks in the long run.

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