Various avenues for Make-up Artists

‘Show Biz is Big Biz’ is a famous cliché that is well accepted in the world today. These words were uttered by a very successful movie producer even in the sixties or earlier when movies were produced and made in the old-fashioned way. It was a time when movie making was nascent and technology not Read more about Various avenues for Make-up Artists[…]

Hashtag Era

A hashtag is an unspaced expression or phrase prefixed with the hash character to create a tag. It can be categorized as a type of metadata tag. Expressions or words or phrases in post or messages on micro blogging and social networking services such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram may be labelled or tagged by entering # Read more about Hashtag Era[…]

How to increase productivity?

When the world witnessed the industrial revolution in England in the early twentieth century, it may not have been envisaged that in the coming years it would take on gigantic leaps and catapult the world into an age of speed. The concept of speed was not just limited to transportation on terra firma but also Read more about How to increase productivity?[…]